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04 Dec 2013

The Supreme Court has found section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) unconstitutional. That means that the Immigration Service and U.S. embassies and consulates will adjudicate visa applications that are based on a same-sex marriage in the same way that they adjudicate applications for opposite gender spouses. This means that the same sex spouse of a visa applicant coming to the U.S. for any purpose – including work, study, international exchange or as a legal immigrant – will be eligible for a derivative visa. A same-sex marriage is now valid for immigration purposes, as long as the marriage is recognized in the "place of celebration." The validity of a marriage will depend on whether it was legally valid in the place of celebration, rather than the place of domicile. A same-sex marriage is valid for immigration purposes even if the couple intends ultimately to reside in one of the 37 states that do not recognize same-sex marriages. The same-sex marriage is valid even if the applicant is applying in a country in which same-sex marriage is illegal. This would apply for same sex fiancé visas as well. Stepchildren acquired through same sex marriages can also qualify as beneficiaries or for derivative Lastly, foreign same sex spouses of US citizens who are the victims of domestic violence, and have suffered physical, emotional or psychological abuse can file for benefits under VAWA, and if successful, obtain a green card.

20 Jul 2013

We opened a new office in Painesville, Ohio 1 Victoria Place Suite 144 Painesville, OH 44127, Phone:440-354-2993, Fax: 440-354-4005 We are in Painsville Tuesday and Thursdays and on Saturdays by appointment. Call 216-621-7292 to get more information.

11 Jul 2013

The office of Svetlana Schreiber & Associates announces that the recent Supreme Court decision, striking DOMA, has resulted in allowing same sex couples the privilege to pursue all the immigration benefits available to heterosexual couples. So if you are in a long term relationship and plan on getting married, please contact us to discuss your immigration options. You may also be able to use your same sex relationship to qualify for other immigration benefits, such as visa based on domestic abuse, or waivers proving hardship to your US spouse, or U visa, if a family member was victim of a crime. Call us for a free conference. Remember, we are in Painsville Tuesday and Thursdays and on Saturdays by appointment. Call 216-621-7292 to get more information.

12 Mar 2012

Immigration Judge granted permanent resident status (through NonLPR Cancellation of Removal) to a client from Mexico whose daughter was born here in the United States without an arm.Immigration Judge granted misrepresentation waiver to a client from Mexico, who lied about his prior history in the United States in order to obtain a visitor visa.After some bad luck with another attorney, succeeded to obtain permanent resident status for an HIV positive client after terminating deportation proceedings. Succeeded in obtaining permanent resident status for a client, who was told by several other attorneys that he would not be able to get permanent resident status because of his criminal history. Succeeded in having immigration proceedings terminated for a lawful permanent resident after his criminal attorney successfully reopened his criminal case because of substantial legal errors made in prior criminal proceedings.Succeeded in obtaining cancellation of removal for a lawful permanent resident after his criminal convictions were successfully overturned because of legal errors.

22 Dec 2011

ICE granted our Request for Stay for our Chiapas client and released him from jail, temporarily ending our 4 month battle to secure his release. After his arrest by ICE, we learned that he had a deportation order from 1994. Our Motion to Reopen was denied by the Miami Immigration Court for being filed so many years after the order. An appeal to the BIA also failed. Kudos to ICE for granting this Stay and releasing him, clearly showing adherence to the new guidelines. We provided a complex psychological report which described in detail the ramifications to the 4 US children of our client in the event of his deportation. Another family reunited for Christmas. We are privileged to be able to do this work and to bring so much joy to clients.

11 Jun 2011

The Cleveland Immigration Court granted ten year cancellation of removal to a Mexican mother of four United States Citizen children. The mother has resided in the United States since she was only fourteen years old. Most of family were already residing in the United States legally when she came to the United States. Her family has been her support system throughout the years. All of her children have health issues. She has very limited ties to Mexico today and, as she has lived the majority of her life in the United States, she knows very little about Mexico and its culture today. For these as well as other reasons, the judge granted ten year cancellation believing the children would suffer exceptional hardship in Mexico as the mother could not be able to provide for them there.

What our clients are saying ...

24 Jul 2012

Svetlana Schreiber and her staff are my heroes! I adopted two undocumented teenagers at age 12 and 14. Little did I know it would be so complicated to get their legal status here! After talking to another lawyer who told me I would have to have the adoption recognized by the Mexican government ("and good luck with that," she said!), I spoke with Svetlana who impressed me with her knowledge and expertise. The issues were how long the children had legally been under my guardianship (it had to be two full years), and how the children had entered the country (to determine whether or not we would have to process in Juarez Mexico or not). Svetlana obtained a statement from the school district, a government entity that recognized me as their legal guardian even before the adoption took place, and we obtained detailed affidavits from family members in Mexico as how they were transported through an immigration checkpoint in the back of a car when they were 3 and 5 years old. The children now have their green-cards! Now I can apply for their US passports because as minors adopted by a US citizen, they are automatically eligible to become citizens! Thank you Svetlana (and staff) for all your hard work!!!

Connie Barrett,
Moline, IL

16 Apr 2012

The moment I met Atty Schreiber , I found a new ray of hope and positiveness. She has pointed me to a direction where others have failed to even mention. It is through her vast experience and knowledge that has gotten me where I could not imagine possible. Years of waiting and pitfalls finally produced a success that I could only dream of. Her professional handling of a difficult situation proved to be the solution, I have been seeking all this time. With a staff ready to assist her in every way , and support to her clientele also aided to our success. Special thanks to Atty Irina Dragan for her unending encouragement and assistance.
For others, I would encourage you to seek her services and highly recommend Atty Schreiber with utmost confidence and respect. Atty Schreiber , all the best and thank you for giving me a new life and a hopeful future.

Respectfully yours,
Myrna Anonuevo

24 Jan 2012

I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Svetlana Schreiber in an appointment scheduled throughout the phone. First i would like to thank her. I have been advised by a large number of attorneys over the years regarding my immigration status and absolutely none of them has been really trying to understand my problem and most importantly to find a solution for it. I have always wanted to meet that attorney that will no longer say that there is no solution for me and the answer for now is patience. And I finally have found that person that said I have been wasting way too many years hiding behind my fears and encouraged me to make a step in a changing direction. You will find in Mrs. Schreiber not only a knowledgeable and eager attorney, but an encouraging and supporting people person and I strongly recommend you to establish your first connection with her and dare to dream bigger!

Oana Radu

19 Dec 2011

Dear Svetlana,

I just wanted to take a minute and say: THANK YOU!!! to you and and your team for your all your hard work, patience and for never giving up your efforts on my case until we received a positive result. I am very beyond happy with the results and very impressed with your knowledge in he field and level of professionalism. I would gladly recommend you to anyone in need.
Hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season and a New Year filled with good health, happiness and many, many winning cases!

Mihaela Presecan

24 Nov 2011

Dearest team,

I just wanted to send you a note to say Thank you for everything.....for all the great work, sincerity, inspiration and hope that you all gave me during the painstaking process of obtaining the waiver and the green card. This miracle would have not been possible without you and your commitment to success. I will always keep you in my heart and prayers and I honestly hope that I can do the same good to you one day!! Wishing you love, peace, and happiness on this day and always! Have a blessed and very Happy Thanksgiving!

Much love, Ana Maria and family

16 Nov 2011

Multumesc ! Thank you !


07 Nov 2011

"Svetlana Is the kind of person who makes America great!"
She helps ordinary people gain their rights in the country of their choice.

Peace. Vince

10 Sep 2010

All Staff,

We are taking this opportunity to thank your good office for helping us winning an asylum case. For us, this is a huge victory in our lives. And all this happened because of your professionals staffs like Tom Gilbert and Michelle Norton who in the other way they worked hard nights and days to make sure everything is going well. Finally, we wish all of you the best in your daily activities.

Mr & Mrs. Mayala

10 Aug 2010

Dearest Svetlana, Thank you ... for the beatiful memories + Future you've given to me and daughter . I can never thank you enough for your help. My gratitude is never ending

Sincerely Rebecca Dee

07 Jul 2010

Tom, just wanted to officialy thank you for all of your help in helping Myriam with the Green Card applicationprocess. It was MUCH appreciated !

Hellen Hasek and Myriam Rodriguez

14 Jul 2010

Thank you very much for you and your staff ... We are very pleased with your services and will recommend anyone in need to you ! Thank you- Thank you !

Ismael Maculku

03 May 2010

Dear everyone, Thank you very much for your valuable help and assistance troughout the process of resolving our immigration issue.

Andrei and Melissa

08 Feb 2010

Dear Svetlana and Associates,
This e-mail is on behalf of Mr. & Mrs.Sayed Haroon.They received their green cards today(8-27-09).They would like to take this time to show their gratitude and appreciation for all the help you and your staff provided through out this process.We would esecially like to thank Meme who was in constant communication with us and provided excellent customer service. So, once again thank you for making this expierience which would normally be stressfull and worrisome into a easy and pleasant process.

Jalal & Bushra Khan c/o Mr &Mrs.Haroon

04 Apr 2008

Dear Ms. Schreiber,

I would like to sincerely thank you for your time you generously spent with me today for discussion and consideration of my problems related to immigration matters.

Your professional help is very valuable to me at this time. Your ability to highlight the main point, read beetween lines and consider all possible alternatives with deep analysis of consequences is very impressive. Your professional advices, as well as your remarks about needed changes in my personal behavior patterns, clarified the situation and provided with clear directions for the future actions. You are right in all your statements , and I accepted all your advices with gratitude. I enjoyed communication with you, because I discovered an outstanding person with rare combination of high level of professionalism and great personality. I believe that your meaningful and noble work related to people’ problems resolution is the corner stone in maintaining the excellent reputation of the Svetlana Schreiber & Assoc. CO. L.P.A. Office.

Thank you for your help. I am grateful for the opportunity to communicate with you. Your benevolent attitude, understanding, and willingness to help are most appreciated. Thank you for your time and for being so wonderful person.

I pray God to give you strength and keep you and all of us in His Grace.

May God Bless You.

With deepest respect,
T. B.

03 Mar 2008

Dear Svetlana, Tom and Skender and Everyone at Svetalana Schreiber & Associates:

I would like to thank you for everything you have done for me. You have a great staff and a good team. I was very happy with your work and the prompt service and professionalty you showed to me. My case was complicated, but you made it bearable.

I really felt that you cared about me as your client and about my case. Again, thank you for all your work.

Oscar Cailfano

03 Mar 2008

I am delighted that everything in my immigration case everything worked out so well. I attribute the success to the fact that Svetlana Schreiber had the talent to identify the strength of education and experience (PhD in Geography) and to make recommendations all through the process to the final step (the green card). Overall, the attorney’s office prepared all the documents for my case and prepared me for everything that I had to have to expect, step by step on this process. Also, the office was very responsive and communication between the law office and CIS and between the office and the company which sponsored me was immediate and attentive. Each time that CIS requested more information, Svetlana’s office responded timely with greatly detailed documentation.

So, it is entirely due to the quality of service offered by the office of Svetlana Schreiber & Associates that I was able to get my green in such a short time (17 months after arriving in the US to attend a professional conference). They proved that they know exactly what I need to get my permanent resident status and they knew what they have to do for me to get it in such a short time. I am forever grateful.

Roxana Giusca, PhD


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The office of Svetlana Schreiber & Associates announces that the recent Supreme Court decision, striking DOMA, has resulted in allowing same sex couples the privilege to pursue all the immigration benefits available to heterosexual couples. So if you are in a long term relationship and plan on getting married, please contact us to discuss your immigration options. You may also be able to use your same sex relationship to qualify for other immigration benefits, such as visa based on domestic abuse, or waivers proving hardship to your US spouse, or U visa, if a family member was victim of a crime. Call us for a free conference. Remember, we are in Painsville Tuesday and Thursdays and on Saturdays by appointment. Call 216-621-7292 to get more information.


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Our attorneys routinely support clients in the matters of non immigrant visas especially for workers coming to the United States to perform temporary service or labor. We assist clients on several other visa matters like, students and trainee visas, visitors for business, visitors for pleasure, exchange visitors, and trainee visas. We routinely communicate with various agencies specially State Workforce Agencies, J agencies, Department of Labor, USCIS, Department of State etc.

Also our lawyers deal with VAWA matters and Religious Workers visas and also assist clients in adjustment of status applications, asylum applications, removal defenses, 10 year and 3 year cancellation applications and other related matters.

Immigration Cases

Immigration Judge granted asylum to female from Egypt based on her sexual orientation. The Immigration Judge argued that to send someone back to such a religiously conservative country with such strong animosity towards homosexuals would be tantamount to torture. The Court also granted the client's mother withholding of removal arguing that her alleged compliance with her daughters sexual orientation would put her at risk

Client from Tanzania granted asylum based on the murder of her parents for allegedly practicing witchcraft. We were able to demonstrate to the court that the alleged practice of witchcraft in sub-Saharan Africa is still widespread and alleged witches / traditional healers are often persecuted for any and all maladies which befall the community. In the present case, the client was in the United States when both parents were killed at the hands of a angry mob. We demonstrated that despite the client's own religious convictions, she would be perceived as a witch herself.

Immigration Judge granted asylum to Egyptian women who conceived a child out of wedlock. We successfully argued that such an action would be perceived as a stain on the petitioner's family honor which could lead to her being targeted by members of her own family. Arguing that a women's virtue is of paramount importance to her status within Egyptian society, we convinced the Court that to return the unwed mother and child to Egypt would place both at serious risk of harm.

Asylum grant for woman from Pakistan who had been the victim of extreme domestic at the hands of her husband. The client's husband, a police officer, had extensive ties to both the local and national political parties within Pakistan and had no fear of prosecution for the actions taken against his wife. The client, who was repeatedly raped and beaten by her husband had no chance of finding protection within Pakistan. Worst yet, the Petitioner's son had also been targeted by her husband.

Approval of K2 visa after client mother and husband had divorce. Mother and son came to the United States from the Ukraine. Mother was granted her greencard, her son, initially was not. We convinced the Service that based on the abuse both the mother and son had endured at that hands of her USC husband, the USC petitioner's affidavit of support for the issuance of the visa was ultimately not necessary.

Motion to reopen granted in proceedings after we convinced the Court that the previous attorney erred in withdrawing the Petitioner's asylum case as being time barred. The Petitioner, who was a minor at the time, erroneously had her Asylum application withdrawn by her previous attorney who failed to realize that an asylum application filed by a minor cannot be time barred under 8 CFR §§ 208.4(a)(5)(ii), 1208.4 (a)(5)(ii). The case is currently pending before the EOIR Court.

Motion to Reopen granted after proving client clearly did not receive notice of his immigration hearing. Client entered the United States in 1996 on his border crosser card and was granted permission from the Service to travel outside of the Border area to visit friends and family in to Detroit, Mi. While in Detroit, the client was stopped and confronted by Immigration Officers. The client explained to the Officers that he has a legal entry into the USA and that his Border Crossing card was at his friends house. The Officers he encountered apparently did not believe him and (understandably) assumed he was here in the USA illegally. During his custody, the client was asked for his biographic information, and biometrics were taken. After the Officers had fingerprinted him, they acknowledged that he was listed in their system as the holder of a valid Border crosser card, however the Officers served him with certain documents and told him that he was allowed to leave. They informed him that he would receive notice in the mail at the address given.

The client resided at the address for nearly a year During the time he never received any notice from either the immigration court or the immigration services regarding his case. The client assumed that the Service was able to corroborate the fact that he was who he claimed to be, did have a valid Border Crosser card and was in valid status when detained by the Service. The client subsequently moved to Toledo, Ohio and married his USC wife in 2005. In February 2009, client met with us to discuss filing for his greencard. At that time, the client explained what had previously happened with the Service. Counsel checked the 800 telephone number using the Alien number listed on his border crosser card, the only Alien number he thought he had, to see if he was ever placed in proceedings. According to Court records, he was never in proceedings under the Alien number listed on his Border Crossing card. Despite this, the client was ordered removed October 1997. We successfully argued that, from the record, it was clear that he never received notice of his prior hearing and thus did not have adequate notice of his previous hearings. The client's I-130 was approved and he is awaiting his greencard appointment.

Motion to reopen proceedings granted for client for Sri Lanka who originally failed to attend his Immigration Master Hearing in New York City after his train into the city was delayed for roughly two hours due to mechanical failures. The client originally filed an appeal of the Immigration Judge's denial of his case with the Board of Immigration Appeals. Using the repair / work records for the train line that day, we argued successfully that the client's failure to attend his Immigration hearing was clearly beyond his control and the Court was in error for ordering him removed.

Immigration Judge granted cancellation of removal to LPR placed in proceedings because of a firearms conviction. Client is the spouse of a USC and father of five USC children. The Immigration Judge grant means that the client will keep his LPR status and be able to remain with his family. Client was convicted for having his gun stored in the wrong place in his car. This conviction subjected the client to both removal from the United States and mandatory detention by immigration until his case was heard by the Immigration Judge. While you do not have to be a citizen to own a gun, it is not a good idea to have one. Immigration law holds that any and all gun related offenses are a deportable offenses. This is why our client was in jail facing deportation for having his gun stored improperly. Luckily, the client met the basic criteria for cancellation of removal, which include 5 years as a permanent resident and 7 years of physical presence in the United States, and was able to show that the positive factors outweighed the negative factors in his case.

Immigration Judge granted permanent resident status to disabled client with approved VAWA petition.

Immigration Judge grants Motion to Reopen In Absentia Order for client, who arrived late to court because of road construction and street closings. Client was coming from Columbus to Cleveland for court. He left Columbus more than 4 hours before his hearing to account for traffic issues. Unfortunately, as he approached Cleveland, major road construction kept him from reaching the city in time. Then, once in the city, a major event that had a number of city streets closed also kept the client from reaching the court. In the end, the client showed up 5 to 10 minutes after the Immigration Judge had already issued the order. Fortunately, the Immigration Judge recognized that these issues were outside the client's control and the Immigration Judge reopened the case.

Immigration Judge grants Motion to Reopen old In Absentia Order that no one realized existed. Client was in proceedings and Immigration Judge terminated proceedings with consent from government attorney based on approved VAWA petition. At client's adjustment interview, officer asked her if she knew she had an In Absentia Order from the 90's. She said no as she did not know about the order. Apparently, client had been picked up during a workplace raid after she first arrived to the United States. However, immigration released her right away without giving her any documents because she had young children. At the time the client initially encountered immigration in the 90's, she did not speak or understand English. She had no idea what was going on and the immigration officers that had taken her along with the other people working at the factory did not speak her language fluently. Therefore, when immigration released her, the client did not know that immigration was going to seek to deport her. Moreover, immigration did not take her information down correctly, so none of the documents issued by immigration reached our client. With no knowledge or notice of the fact that she had to go to court, our client did not appear at her court hearing in the 90's. Moreover, when immigration placed her proceedings in 2007, no one discovered the old case. It was only after the client's fingerprints were ran for her adjustment and a more detailed background check was ran that immigration discovered the prior case file and the old order. After receiving the information from the immigration officer, our office immediately sought to review and acquire a copy of this old file. We, then, filed a motion to reopen in order to clear this outstanding matter, so our client could get her permanent resident status. Based on the fact that there was clearly no notice to the client, Immigration Judge reopened the old case.

Immigration Judge granted 237(a)(1)(H) waiver for client, who mistakenly believed he could marry after he received his immigrant visa at the consulate, but before entering the United States. Client's father had petitioned for him as an unmarried son. Client did not understand that the process was not complete until he actually arrived in the United States and that, by marrying, his immigrant visa was no longer valid.

Immigration Judge terminated proceedings for mother and two children after we succeeded in obtaining U classification for family.

We succeeded in closing a book with immigration for a client, who after 20 years, finally obtained citizenship. The client had been through it all. He had taken voluntary departure at one time. He came back on an Immigrant Visa. He ended up back in proceedings based on a conviction a number of years later. He was ordered deported by an Immigration Judge. His case was successfully reopened. He, then, filed for several forms of relief and, after a long battle, he was found eligible and was granted Cancellation of Removal. After his grant of cancellation, he waited several years to make sure he met the requirements for citizenship and, this year, he was sworn in as a citizen.

Won appeal from denial of naturalization for a client and client was sworn in as a citizen after a nearly two year struggle with Immigration because of ex-spouse's fraud.